Two adjacent high-rise building with corner cut


This database is based on the results of TPU-JURC project "Aerodynamic coupling of wind-excited tall buildings with structural connections" (PI: Prof. Tim Tse).

1. Building shapes: Square tall buildings with corner cut
2. Building dimensions: Square: B×D×H=30m×30m×160m (75mm x 75mm x 400mm in model scale)
3. Length scale: 1:400
4. Wind directions: 0 – 360 deg. at 5 deg. increments
5. Wind conditions: urban wind profiles (Power law index a=0.2, Category 3 in AIJ(2015))
6. Sampling Frequency: 600 Hz
7. Sampling Time: 80 sec.
8. Gap distance (S) and gap-to-breadth ratio (S/B) of all test cases
Gap distance (S) Gap ratio (S/B)
Case 0 Isolate
Case 1 10m (25mm) 1/3
Case 2 15m (37.5mm) 1/2
Case 3 20m (50mm) 2/3
Case 4 30m (75mm) 1
Case 5 45m (112.5mm) 3/2
* ( ) in model scale

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